Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cobb Salad

This recipe is pretty much a "no-brainer", but it's healthy and easy. There are also lots of ingredients you can substitute if you don't have everything it calls for on hand. I serve this as the entire meal since it's balanced, but it makes two heaping plates full. You could easily divide it up for smaller portions of four.

1 package romaine lettuce
4 slices bacon, cooked
1 avocado
3 oz. blue cheese (this is strong, but goes well with the bacon and avocado)
1 medium tomato
3 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup shredded cheese (any variety. I use a reduced fat Mexican)
1 cup grilled chicken or turkey, whatever you have
I throw any other veggies I have in the fridge on the salad. When I made this one I put mushrooms on it and broccoli.

Spread the lettuce evenly across each plate. Add the next 7+ ingredients to the top of the salad, arranging them in small piles around the plate. You can also make vertical lines rather than piles.
I personally think it goes best with ranch dressing.


Melissa said...

This looks so good! I wish I had the ingredients to make it today.

Navarro's said...
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Navarro's said...

yum this is my favorite, i am glad to have an offical recipe, thanks mer