Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yummy Breakfast

Here is a great little breakfast treat, I made it the other day and it's really easy.

Hash brown patty (the frozen kind)
Bacon or Canadian bacon (cooked Cut up)
Red Bell pepper (or any other pepper)
egg- scrambled (about one egg per hash brown patty)

Cook the hash brown patty either in the microwave for about one minute, I cook the bacon in the microwave also.(just put paper towels on a plate then the bacon and cover with another paper towel, it comes out not greasy, cook about a minute per piece)In a frying pan I cut up and get the pepper soft, then scramble the egg.
add the pepper, and bacon to the scrambled egg. put the egg mixture on top of the hash brown, I drizzle ketchup and sprinkle cheese on top of that.
This is yummy your husbands will love it!


kristen said...

oh yum... landen will love this!

The Harwards said...

Ohh.. so perfect, I even have all of those ingredients in my fridge. This will make a good Saturday morning breakfast!