Thursday, March 27, 2008

turkey pepperoni

ok ladies. i need to first say that i am not one who really gets into the whole organic, eating super healthy trend that seems to be going around lately. i think it's great if you are but i guess i'm somewhat against it? that's another topic...
the other day i made one of our usuals for dinner: homemade pizza. but, i accidentally bought these turkey pepperoni's. when i went to put them on our pizza i realized the mistake and almost didn't even use them because i was afraid it would ruin my pizza! but, then i decided to give it a try and test travis to see if he could tell the difference. and, guess what? he couldn't even tell. and, to be honest, i really liked it. a lot. you don't get the normal grease that comes from normal pepperoni's plus they are 70% less fat than normal pepperoni. and i really do prefer the taste. here are a few other nutrional facts:
for 17 slices:
only 80 calories compared to a normal 283
4 g of fat compared to 24 g
and only 550 mg of sodium to the 1076 in normal pepperoni!
so when making your next pizza, go turkey!


Navarro's said...

Awesome idea, I am totally with you on the organic stuff, but I will admit in my attempts to be healthy I have turned to turkey and chicken products, Sometimes i am a fan of the turkey burger in pasta dishes cause you can't tell either.But I love this idea, since I am movitaved now to diet and Love pizza you know I will try this
thanks liz!

The Harwards said...

I love it. Ha, I thought this was my secret, but I'm so glad you love turkey pepperoni as much as I do. As a matter of fact we have pepperoni pizza EVERY week now because of them. I even snacked on a few during the day today and thought about how much I LOVE them.

kristen said...

ooo thanks for the tip! i usually can't eat much pepperoni pizza cause of the yucky grease... this ought to do the trick!