Tuesday, September 30, 2008

goodbye september!

yes you should officially be done trying all recipes and votes must be cast by midnight!

just kidding. i still have 5 recipes left to try myself. but sad it's already the last day of september. i loved our weekly recipe challenge, it helped me cook dinner better and try lots of new yummy foods. so don't stop posting! like i said before, our husbands should really be so madly in love with us by now. and didn't this make the month go by so fast?

let's try and make a deadline for votes to be in. try and finish up those last couple recipes and cast your vote by...

::friday . october . tenth::

does this sound fair? that gives us about a week and a half to complete our challenge. votes are getting close!! don't forget to email any extra votes. oh and one last request... can everyone email me WHAT you voted for. i bet everyone is curious what the favorites were. it would be cool to find out. also let me know when you're available for our final dinner night out with each other, and any requests on restaurants. thanks ladies!

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