Monday, November 23, 2009

jello salad

this is what i'm making for thanksgiving james!

1 lg. box raspberry (or strawberry... both are yummy) jello
about 1 1/2 C. frozen raspberries, mostly thawed
about 1 C. cool whip

make jello as directed on box (you can put the raspberries in the jello while it's setting up, but i just throw them in at the end)

once jello is set up add the raspberries and cool whip (i just add both until it's the right consistency) and blend everything together with your beaters.


sorry for the nasty picture that i found on the internet, but this is what it kind of looks like. no i do not put my jello salad in the plastic part of a longaberger basket, nor do i recommend it.

ooo that just reminded me of pretzel jello... do we have that on here?

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Navarro's said...

You guys are the best, Thanks for the great ideas, now my dinner can be complete and i can impress our visitors!! Thanks Girls