Thursday, February 11, 2010

new year, new food

one of my goals for the new year was to be a better menu planner. every sunday i plan my menu for the week, which means finding a new recipe or two to try, entering all the meals into my schedule, making a list of the things i need for any of the recipes that i don't already have, and printing that menu out to hang on my fridge.

i think you all know i love to bake, but i really don't like to cook. dinner especially. why does that have to be the craziest time of day, when husbands have been gone all day and kids are crankiest, and we're expected to pull a dinner out of where? here is mine for this week...

so this is my solution to being a better cook. and honestly, when i have a menu, i actually kind of like cooking because i don't have to think of "what's for dinner?" it's just right there for me. we all like trying new meals and it means i get to put some creativity (which is what i need) into something i don't always like.

every time i see a recipe online that i want to try i print it out and stick it in my "recipes and menus binder." of course i had to make a cute cover to inspire me to keep things in it. everything is divided by subject and kept in those plastic sheet protectors i had laying around. super easy!

as the starter of this blog (like the queen right?) i'm challenging all of you to try at least one new recipe a week for the next month and share it on here. i promise i'll play along, hopefully we can inspire each other to become better cooks!

and yes liz... we still owe you from the last recipe voting challenge!


Liz said...

um, yeah you do! :) i'm in.

Liz said...

oh, and that menu looks like a nice fs menu! mine would look more like:

m- grilled cheese
t- hot dogs
w- mac n cheese
f- pizza

i should try harder? haha!

Jennie said...

I'm iiiinnnn! (go ahead, sing it in your head :)) We've got foodie goals this year too that I'll share when I post!

kamille said...

this is such a good idea. i just tried planning my whole month's menu out on feb. 1st and failed miserably...i don't like the whole month plan thing, it's too easy to fail i think. so i am going to try this! i like the idea of doing it on sunday night just for the week. and you have inspired me to actually print the recipes i love using so i don't have to run to the computer screen every two seconds when i'm making dinner! ;)