Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jessamy's Delish Guacamole

(i need to work on my presentation... no shmeary bowls allowed.)

i know, i'm horrible. start a food blog, never post anything. i really do try new recipes weekly, and take pictures... i just obviously can't follow through.

well, here is a quick one from my friend jess (for those of you who don't know her... they are second year dental students, and she has kind of saved me in my last year surviving with kiddos in the barren wasteland of boston. and she is a good cook with a grill... win win.Ü)

guac is kind of one of those "throw it together" dishes... so these are approximate amounts, and can of course be adapted after tasting.

1 lg avocado
1/4 c diced tomatoes (let the tomato juices drain off first)
1/4-1/2 small onion, finely diced (use whatever onion you have on hand, it's good with all kinds even sweet)
juice of 1/2 small lime
1 1/2 T finely chopped cilantro (i didn't have this on hand, but it was still good without)
1 t garlic powder (you can use real garlic too but it takes a while for the guac to absorb the flavor of the garlic)
1 t salt

mash avacado with fork and mix in additional ingredients. so yummy. we had this with mexican rice/black beans/sour cream/cheese in a tortilla... aka "burrito form." it was so good. new fav.


Katie the Frugal Lady! said...
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LuLu Williams said...

Kristen - I would like to discuss getting your consent to reprint some of your recipes. Would you please contact me.