Monday, January 21, 2008

rainbow chip cake mix cookies

so this is what i was "going to make" for the cookies girls night on saturday. i saw the cute pictures and was bummed i was so sick so this is what i have to share! these are seriously so yummy... and addicting.
*you can make them with your favorite kind of cake mix- i prefer rainbow chip!*
1 pkg. cake mix
1/3 c. veg. oil
2 eggs
mix ingredients with a spoon until moistened. drop with a cookie baller and bake at 375 for 6-8 min.

too bad they are so easy to make which means they are even easier to eat!


Navarro's said...

Just made them and your right they are addictive.

kami said...

these are the best - we are actually making them today...wish you were here to eat them with! :)

by the way, i love the recipe blog...i'm going to try some of the recipes sometime! they all look so yummy!

Liz said...

i made these last night because i was feeling inspired and i ate 5. can we work out again soon?

Jennifer said...

Thank you SO much! For some reason the box of Rainbow cake mix I just bought didn't have the recipe on the back and I couldn't remember the exact amount of oil.. These are VERY Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Yummy they are so good made them for my 2 year old today he love them.Thank U For Sharing This Recipe