Wednesday, August 27, 2008


ok as the official "starter" of this fabulous food blog, i think it's time i make a little challenge to all our contributors out there (jen/liz/jam/mer). i'm going to start a little
september weekly recipe challenge!

it's hard saying goodbye to summer, but now that we are getting back into the routines of school/work maybe we can get back into the routine of cooking! hello! i know i do much better in the fall/winter. something about being stuck inside...
so. here are the official rules:

1. each week will be a new "genre" to contribute a recipe to. (i.e.: dinner, dessert, appetizer)

2. each contributor needs to really really try (just kidding... this is totally MANDATORY) to add just ONE new recipe to this genre. try and keep them super simple so we can make them! i don't care if you get them from yahoo foods... just share!
3. throughout the month of september you need to try making all the recipes at least ONCE so you can VOTE!
here comes the fun part...

4. by the end of the month you get to vote for your favorite recipe from each genre (i'll make a poll on the sidebar). you can NOT vote for yourself. and whoever is the winner will be treated to dinner (split by the rest of us) at a girls night out! sound good? please tell me you're all in! i need some serious spice in my life... you know what i mean.

*so that's 4 votes a person

*i realize it's a lot of recipes to try, but only 4 dinners, 4 desserts, 4 something and 4 something isn't too much to handle in 30 days right?

let the recipe sharing begin!
monday.sept.1st: dinner


Liz said...

love it. i'm in! i think i can handle eating all these foods considering i'm supposed to gain about 30 pounds during the next few months.

Navarro's said...

sounds good way to take control of the food blog! This is a great idea, I better get digging through my receipes.

The Harwards said...

Count me in! Now, do we have to have already tried the recipes or just found them?

kristen said...

either mer- anything we haven't heard on here before!
i'm glad you guys are in!

Jennie said...

done and done! so we start next week?